A Little Bit about Our Move to Jackson, TN

On Sunday morning, May 22, Calvary Baptist Church in Jackson, TN voted to call me as their new pastor. Melisa, the kids, and I will be moving down the first week of June. We’re excited about this new ministry opportunity, and are ready to get to work for the Kingdom of Christ in Jackson and the surrounding areas.

We’re also thrilled with the way God’s been working at Brushy Fork Baptist, where I’ve been pastoring. Midway through our candidating process with Calvary, the Lord led a godly man and his family to Brushy Fork as a potential candidate, and it looks like there could be a seamless transition from my pastorate to his. God is good.

Please be praying for us as we begin our service at Calvary, and please pray as well for the transition at Brushy Fork. God loves both churches, and our prayer is that he would bless them both during this time.



  1. In case there is anyone who was unable to attend Sunday morning’s worship service who would like to hear your “Trial Sermon”, it has been uploaded to the Calvary website.

    Just go to http://www.calvaryofjackson.com and click on the “Sermons” button on the left side of the Home Page. This will bring up the selection button; then click on the speaker icon and the audio of his sermon will play.

    Don Watt
    Chairman, Audio/Visual Committee
    Calvary Baptist Church
    Jackson, TN

  2. Hey Grant,
    I just found out you about your move. Great news on your new ministry opportunity and on the way that God has provided for your former church. Hope all is well.

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