“God Used Judas Too: Why Christians Should Be Careful When Comparing Trump to King Cyrus or Pharaoh”

I often hear people support a morally questionable presidential candidate like Donald Trump by saying things like: “Well, God used King Cyrus and Pharaoh, so God could use Trump too.” I don’t think it’s that simple, however, and here’s why. It is true that God has used evil people in the past (e.g., King Cyrus and Pharaoh) and continues to use evil people in the present to accomplish his providential will. However, that does not mean that those evil people are off the hook in terms of moral responsibility. Even though God used them to accomplish his will, they are still responsible for their evil actions.

A great example of this is Judas Iscariot. According to Acts 2:23, Acts 4:27-28, and Matthew 26:24, the betrayal and death of Jesus was always part of God’s providential will. It was part of God’s predestined plan that Jesus would be betrayed and killed as a sacrifice for sin. But, Judas was still morally guilty for that evil act of betrayal, and anyone who helped Judas was culpable as well. As Jesus said, “The Son of Man goes as it is written of him, but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would have been better for that man if he had not been born” (Matthew 26:24).

Here’s the point. If (and this is the very thing that’s debated, I know) Donald Trump is a wicked and immoral man who would encourage the spread of wickedness and immorality, then just because God might use him like King Cyrus or Pharaoh or Judas doesn’t make supporting his presidency the right thing to do. If he promotes evil, then regardless of how God chooses to use him, he and all who support him would stand morally guilty before God for being complicit in that evil.

I’m not even saying that Donald Trump has completely crossed the line yet. I’m just saying that Christians should strongly consider the moral ramifications of their vote. And before you say, “Well what about the moral ramifications of giving your vote to Hillary Clinton,” let me assure you that I understand your point, and that I would never be able to vote for her in good conscience. However, if it can be proven that both Hillary and Donald are morally reprehensible and will actively contribute to the spread of evil in our society, then I am not comfortable being complicit in any of that, and will have to choose to bow the knee to neither the golden statue of the Democrats nor the Republicans.

Yes, God used King Cyrus. Yes, God used Pharaoh. And, yes, God could use Donald Trump. But remember, God used Judas too. God’s ability to use all of these people did not get them off the hook, and it won’t get us off the hook either when, on the day of judgment, we have to give an account for how we cast our ballot.

Let’s debate the morality of Donald Trump and his views. Has he crossed the line in such a way that Christians cannot vote for him without being complicit in something evil? That’s what we need to figure out.