Discipleship Group

Discipleship Group Curriculum

Last fall my wife and I each started two discipleship groups made up of men and women in our church. We met every week for thirty weeks (the fall and spring semesters) and recently concluded our time together. Each week we kept up with a Bible reading plan, recited Scripture memory verses to one another (the Topical Memory System), asked each other a series of accountability questions, prayed for one another, studied the new lesson for the week, and challenged each other with application and goals from the lesson. The men in my groups and the women in her groups are now responsible for starting their own d-groups beginning this fall, and the idea is that they will take their new groups through the same curriculum and process that we used with them.

I wrote the curriculum we used myself as we went along, and each week the members of our d-groups would put the new lesson into the d-group binder we supplied for them when we initially launched the groups. The result is a d-group plan and curriculum that we intend to use over and over as people who have gone through this discipleship process begin the process of discipling others.

Here is a link to our d-group binder material. Feel free to use it if you find it helpful. Some of the documents, like the covenant and F260 Bible reading plan, were borrowed from Robby Gallaty, but the rest is my own.